Thursday, March 3, 2011

OMG!!!!! It's been.........

.....a long while since I have blogged!! I've been home from my holiday since 16th February but seem to be still in "holiday mode"!! My mojo has gone up the creek and I'm having Nana naps nearly every day. I think yesterday was the first day I've stayed!!! I've just returned home after having a full morning at the beauty parlour...a birthday present!! I had an hour's massage, pedi and facial and now I really do feel like having a nap!!

I had such a great time while I was away I thought I'd share a few pics.

My gorgeous No. 1 son and I at a shops centre.

 Gorgeous DIL.
Darling GS

A view from their apartment

The Burj Al Arab...the only 6 star hotel. You can't go in unless you are staying there or have a reservation for dinner etc. The Burj Khalifa in the background...the tallest building in the world!

Have a card class tonight so am hoping it will bring my mojo back!!!!


Gail L said...

So glad you had a great holiday! Hope it doesn't take too long for your mojo to return too!

Kim said...

glad yo u had a fab time. looking firward to seeing these scrapped!

Cathy said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time Phillipa!! Hope you mojo comes back soon! :)