Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not a Good Blogger.....

lately!! I arrived back from my cruise on Sunday 21st March and have been quite ill with influenza A!!! I took to my bed for about ten days and am now only just starting to get on top of it. I was pretty sick on the flight back and had to be carted off the aircraft in a wheelchair. Normally I would have been a little embarassed about it but fortunately I couldn't have cared less. DH wanted to take me to Emergency but all I wanted to do was get in my own!!
I took lots of photos and am hoping to upload a few here soon. One of the highlights was going on the rapids in the Philippines...fantastic fun!
Did some shopping in Singapore and Hong Kong but didn't go silly with it all.
Had all my money stolen in Vietnam so that put a little bit of a dampner on it!
Haven't felt like doing any scrapping since arriving back but will have to get on to it today or tomorrow.


Jodi said...

Oh My Goodness Phillipa, what highs and lows this trip was!!!
Im so sorry you got sick and had your money stolen!! Hope your feeling heaps better soon!! Oh I cant wait to see the photos!!!
Glad you have you beck in the country!!
Big Hugs

lindy said...

Oh Pip! glad your feeling better now and well rested to see some photos maybe the next time we meet??