Monday, February 20, 2012

Papercraft Show

The Papercraft Show was held at the RNA this past weekend and I did a couple of classes.
The first one was with the lovely Louise Nelson. This class sure took me out of my comfort zone! All messy and anyone who knows me knows I don't like dirty fingers and hands! After saying that it was a fabulous class and I really learnt something.
Have been looking at Lou's work for a while and thinking how much I loved it. Once you know how to do it it's quite simple and easy BUT still messy, LOL!!
I am quite pleased with the way this layout turned out and think I will be using the technique more often.
We used card, vellum (remember that?), wire, spay mist, paint, gesso and stamping.
Many thanks Louise.

Also did a class with Jane Clark, making four cards. I also learnt a new technique here as well.
We used chippies covered in calico and then made a mask and stamped over the chippie.

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