Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Retreat Pictures

A group of ladies went to the Scrap With V retreat that was held at Shearwater Resort, Caloundra last weekend and what a fantastic time was had by all. Fabulous company and food made for a great weekend. Bring on next year!!
The theme was Alice in Wonderland and here are a few photos from the weekend.


Taryn said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, Pippy! That party looks as thought it was awesome fun. it was great to catch up with you again, even though it was short and sweet!

Jodi said...

Oh My God!!!!!!

Oh My God!!!!!

This is awesome!!!! When was it announced that it was fancy dress, or was that a big secret!!!

Oh my GOd, yous look awesome!!

Love Lindys outfit!!!

phillipa said...

No big secret. It was announced some time ago. Are you being facetious about Lindy's outfit?? She's not even in the picture, lol, lol!!!!

kerry said...

Love the whole Alison wonderland theme you all look awesome fab pics.Take care Kerry xx